Plan it

Asset protection is a delicate but important aspect of life. A proactive and sensible approach to estate planning ensures your wealth is protected, your assets are controlled and your estate is administered in the best possible way for your beneficiaries.

Our team of professionals will provide guidance in the following areas:

Estate Planning

A proactive estate plan will ensure there is no confusion or debate surrounding your financial affairs when the time arises.

Your personal will is only a component of your estate plan.  It also covers any or all of the following items:

  • Personal Will
  • Power of attorney
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Memorandum of wishes
  • Health plan
  • Review of family trust deeds
  • Review of business agreements
  • Superannuation binding death nominations
  • Binding financial arrangements

At New Wealth, we will assist you to create an estate plan that considers all of your assets, which may include assets held in family trusts, superannuation funds and businesses. We will help to minimise tax consequences upon death and consider asset protection for future beneficiaries of your estate.

Wealth Transfer

Our team will assist you to develop wealth transfer strategies if you wish to distribute assets to your family and other beneficiaries.

These strategies will complement and work with your existing estate plan and consider cultural issues, difficult assets, philanthropy, taxation, disclosure and succession planning.

Importantly, New Wealth will also provide advice in relation to bringing on board and educating the next generation.